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Sheila Larranaga-Murphy, Clerk, Phone: (505) 832-4406, Ext. 112 - Email

Linda Fischer, Treasurer, Phone: (505) 832-4406 Ext. 114 - Email

Frances Bock, Payroll and Benefits Accounting Clerk, Phone:  505-832-4406, Ext. 113 - Email 

Jeanette Hendricks, Administrative Assistan , Phone: 505-832-4406, Ext. 110 -Email 

Joycelyn Encinias, General Office Clerk  Phone: 505-832-4406, Ext. 111 -Email

Brenda J Tapia, Marketing & Communications Manager Phone: 505-832-4406, Ext 118- Email

Fax Number: (505) 832-6919

Physical Address:

201 Broadway Street (S)
Moriarty, NM 87035

Mailing Address:

PO Box 130
Moriarty, NM  87035

City Clerk's Office Information

The City Clerk supervises the day to day administrative functions of the City Office. The Clerk of the municipality is the custodian of all minutes, ordinances and resolutions approved by the governing body and attends all meetings of the governing body. The Clerk records all proceedings, ordinances and resolutions of the governing body and upon request furnishes copies of all municipal records to the public.

The Clerk is responsible for administering all municipal elections, including seeing that all necessary publications are timely. After the election, the Clerk must make a canvass of the election returns with the help of a magistrate judge, or the governing body. The Clerk then certifies the results of the election and records it in the official minute book.

The Clerk is an appointed position and works directly for the Mayor and Council, often serving as liaison between them and the general public. The City Clerk schedules meetings for the Mayor and Council and provides administrative support to each of them.

City Treasurer - The treasurer is the finance officer of the municipality and supervises the depositing and safekeeping of all money belonging to the municipality. The treasurer receives all money belonging to the Municipality; keeps the accounts and records in the manner prescribed by the governing body and the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration.

Election Information

The City Clerk administers all municipal elections. Municipal elections are held on the first Tuesday in March on even numbered years. Responsibilities include securing the necessary polling places, seeing that all necessary supplies and equipment are ordered, obtaining from the county clerk the lists of qualified voters, holding an election school for precinct workers, making sure that everything necessary is present at each polling place prior to the opening of the polls on election day, and receiving the returns from each precinct after the polls close. In addition, the Clerk is responsible for canvassing the returns and certifying the results of the election.





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